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The World Wide Web reaches an estimated 100 million consumers and the number is growing every day.  If your business is not on the WWW you are missing a great opportunity.  A web site provides your company with much broader coverage than any other media at a fraction of the cost.  Your business becomes accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Your web site will also provide you valuable feedback from customers.  We can design and host the web site YOU want.

We specialize in business sites, built to your specifications.  You will have password access to the site so you can make decisions and changes prior to the publication of your site.  YOU decide when your site goes public.

Once your web site is up and running, most web hosting companies consider their job done unless you request changes.  We continue to work hard for you.  Let's face it, there isn't much point having a presence on the internet if nobody knows it's there, and submitting  your web site to search engines IS NOT ENOUGH!  Some web hosting companies make a big deal of registering web sites with "over 100 search engines" and even charge for doing it. Fact is, it doesn't cost them anything and it takes about 2 minutes to accomplish.  If someone searches for your product and you are number 2000 on the list, what are the chances they will ever see your site?  Our exclusive Search Engine Rating Enhancement Service will get you near the top of the list, which will drastically improve your site traffic.  It takes a lot of knowledge, research, and work to position your web site near the top of the search engine list.  We have the resources, and we will work hard for you to achieve a high listing.

You will receive a monthly activity report.  You will know how many visitors you had, where they came from (their domain name) what pages they accessed, what information they accessed most, and what web browser they were using.  The report will also include your search list position for three top search engines.

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